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Delhi To Agra Tour Package

Historically, Delhi and Agra both have been choicest of destinations for the North Indian Rulers. They have served as capital cities since the 12th century. Be it with the Mughals, the Khiljis, the Lodhis, the Suris and later the British, these cities have witnessed various developments and downfalls. Situated at a mere distance of 250 kilometers apart, Delhi and Agra boast of many destinations that tell tales of these eras. We provide various customized tour packages and options to visit them. With Falcon Travels, you can enjoy their splendor with minimum of budget requirements.

Apart from the heritage value, these cities are also developed urban centers. They have their own sets of numerous handicraft and shopping options. Our packages ensure that you do miss out on any of these. Our Delhi to Agra Volvo buses and staff have been inducted and customized to provide you and your loved ones with the safest and most comfortable travel experiences.

We understand that your stressful work–requirements leave you with no room for travel, family and rejuvenation. Our strategically developed same day Delhi Agra tour package ensure you enjoy all of this, without having to deal with the cumbersome intricacies of separate bookings and long plannings. Book yourself, your family and friends with us. We are a leading travel agency in Agra who guarantee a fun-filled and spontaneous travel experience that shall leave you yearning for more.


Agra Fort:

We shall take you to visit one of the most famous destinations of Agra sightseeing, the Agra Fort. Situated in the center of Agra, this is a walled city made by the various Mughal Kings and later revamped by Akbar.  Stroll through this beautiful red sandstone marvel and appreciate the various techniques employed by the architects of those times. The creative intricacies as well as the hardships undertaken by the artisans of that era to create this fort are sure to keep you in awe for some time.  Relive history at the Agra Fort and then, get ready to visit your next destination.

Taj Mahal:

It is the only Indian tourist destination, a UNESCO world heritage site that is known to one and all. It is the most famous mausoleum made by a Mughal King, in love for his wife. It is the most famous of all Agra tourist places and a must visit destination in our package.  Appreciate the splendid white marble structure and exotic gardens that took 20,000 workers approximately 16 years to build. This masterpiece of Mughal architecture is no doubt worth multiple visits.


Religion and spirituality are an ingrained part of the Indian community. Mathura is an unparalleled destination of devotion, especially for Hindus across the globe. Touted as the birth place of Lord Krishna, it is visited by millions of visitors far and wide. It is one of the most famous places to visit near Delhi.  Your one day trip from Delhi shall include visiting the famous Krishna Janmabhoomi, the Dwarkadheesh temple, the Gita Mandir and the Govardhan Hill. You shall also get to experience the old-world charm by strolling through its streets and tasting some mouth-watering snacks and sweets at the famous eateries lining them.


Vrindavan is one of the most auspicious destinations in the world for Hindus. It is the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. Thus, there exist various tales in Hindu mythology with roots in its streets and by-lanes. Your same day tour package shall include your Volvo Bus bookings. We shall take you to visit the famous Banke Bihari Temple, the Radha Raman temple, the Madan Mohan temple and the Shahji temple. We shall also take you to visit the splendid ISCKON temple, Vrindavan. We ensure you that your trip shall leave you spiritually satisfied to the core.

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Delhi To Agra Tour Package

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Delhi To Agra Tour Package (Friday Closed)

  • Daily 17 Hours Tour (Dep. from 6:00 AM)
  • Deluxe Bus = 750/-|Luxury Volvo Bus = 850/-|Multi Excel Luxury Volvo Bus = 950/-
  • Delhi (Dep Time 6:00 AM)
  • Break fast at Yamuna Expressway Arr. 09.30 AM Dep. 10.30 AM
  • Agra Fort|Arr. 12:00 PM|Dep. 02:00 PM
  • Lunch Break 02:00 PM Dep. 03:00 PM
  • Taj Mahal|Arr. 03:30 PM|Dep. 04:30 PM
  • Mathura|Arr. 05:30 PM|Dep. 06:30 PM
  • Vrindavan|Arr. 07:00 PM|Dep. 08:00 PM
  • Dinner Break at Yamuna Expressway 09:00 PM Dep. 10:00 PM
  • Reach Delhi 12:00 AM

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